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2017/04/23 Sun

Title Changes

1965 Danny Hodge defeats Hiro Matsuda in Tulsa to win NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title.


1962 Rikidozan defends WWA World Heavyweight Title against Blassie in a bloody match which causes a death from shock to an aged person who was watching the match on TV. It is the second case since 04/171962.

1966 Toyonobori and Antonio Inoki announce the foundation of Tokyo Pro-Wrestling. Toyonobori has stopped Inoki in Hawaii on the way home from the mainland US.

1981 Antonio Inoki defeats Stan Hansen in Tokyo to win the held-up NWF Heavyweight Title. Inoki retires the title immediately after the match to enter the International Wrestling Grand Prix tournament. Also on the same card, the legendary Tiger Mask (Satoru Sayama) debuts with a victory over Dynamite Kid.

1995 Tarzan Goto, Mr. Gannosuke, and Flying Kid Ichihara leave FMW.

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