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2017/10/21 Sat

Title Changes

1976 Kintaro Ohki defeats Waldo Von Erich in Fukushima for the held-up All Asia Heavyweight Title (original JWA/All Japan version). Akihisa Takachiho & Samson Kutsuwada defeat Jerry Oates & Ted Oates in Fukushima to win All Asia Tag Team Title.

1986 Jumbo Tsuruta defeats Stan Hansen in Tokyo to win NWA International Heavyweight Title.


1972 Giant Baba starts his own promotion, All Japan Pro-Wrestling with the support of Nippon TV and has the first card at Machida City Gym in Tokyo.

1985 Flair vs. MartelOn an All Japan card in Tokyo, Ric Flair DCORs with Rick Martel in the only NWA & AWA World Heavyweight Double Title Match ever in history.

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