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2018/02/15 Thu


2003 Michiaki Yoshimura (76) - probably the greatest side player in the puroresu history

Title Changes

1962 Rikidozan & Toyonobori defeat Luther Lindsay & Ricky Waldo in Tokyo to win All Asia Tag Team Title.

1974 Jackie West & Sharon Lee defeat Mariko Akagi & Peggy Kuroda in Hiroshima to win WWWA World Tag Team Title.

1980 Mike Graham defeats Tatsumi Fujinami in Hollywood, FL to win NWA International Junior Heavyweight Title.

2004 Hiroyoshi Tenzan defeats Gen'ichiro Tenryu in one-night 8-man tournament final in Tokyo to win the vacant IWGP Heavyweight Title.


1989 Gen'ichiro Tenryu team with the Road Warriors in Cleveland, OH to defend their NWA World 6-man Tag Team title.

2002 FMW closes.

2002 RINGS has its final card.

2003 Kiyoshi Tamura's U-STYLE has its debut card at Differ Ariake

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