Masahiro Chono
(b. 1963)


Real Name: Masahiro Chono
Birth: 1963/09/17 Seattle, WA
(grew up in Mitaka, Tokyo)
Debut: vs. Keiji Mutoh 1984/10/05 Saitama
Organizations: New Japan (84 -10), free (10 - )

Chono is known as a member of the Tohkon Sanjushi (Fighting Spirit Three Musketeers), along with Keiji Mutoh and Shin'ya Hashimoto.

Chono won the very first G1 Climax tournament which was held by New Japan Pro-Wrestling in 1991. He won the tournament five times total. The 1992 tournament was also for the vacant NWA World Heavyweight Title, and Chono defeated Rick Rude to be the third Japanese wrestler to hold the championship.

After winning G1 Climax in 1994, Chono changed the color of his costume all to black and became a heel. Since then, he has been the leader of various heel stables such as nWo Japan, Team 2000, and Black New Japan.

While he was the head booker for New Japan, Chono was involved in numerous interpromotional cards and matches with All Japan Pro-Wrestling, Pro-Wrestling NOAH, and independent promotions.

On 2010/1/21, Chono announced his departure from New Japan.

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