"Puroresu Baka"
Ryuma Go
(1956/03/23 - 2009/10/18)


Real Name: Hiroshi Yagi
Birth: 1956/03/23 Tokyo
Debut: 1972/09/09 vs. Tsutomu Yonemura in Fujioka (IWE)
Death: 2009/10/18

IWE (71 - 78)
New Japan (78 - 84)
UWF (84 - 86)
All Japan (87)
Pioneer Senshi (89 - 90)
Oriental Pro (90 - 92)


Hiroshi Yagi became a pro-wrestler though IWE's first audition in the summer of 1971 at the age of 15. He was sent to Europe in 1973, and when he came to Japan in 1976, he was named "Ryuma Go" by the fans' votes.

In 1978, he became a "free lancer" (joined New Japan in fact) and went to the U.S. to be trained by the legendary Hiro Matsuda in Tampa, FL.

In the summer of the same year, Go started a 2-year feud with Tatsumi Fujinami for the prestigeous WWF Junior Heavyweight Title. Go finally won the title by defeating Fujinami on 1979/10/02 in Osaka and lost it back few days later.

Go was one of the wrestlers who joined the original UWF along with Rusher Kimura, Akira Maeda, Gran Hamada, and Mach Hayato.

After the conflict within UWF, Kimura, Go, and Hamada joined All Japan, but Go and Hamada did not last long with the promotion.

In 1989, Go started "Pioneer Senshi", the first "independent" organization in Japan. He became a free lancer soon after and wrestled for various organizations including New Japan and WAR.

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