Karl Gotch
(1924/08/03 - 2007/07/28)

Real Name: Karl Istaz
He used to wrestle as Karl Krauser, but in '60s, he started using the name "Gotch" after the legendary Frank Gotch.
Nickname in Japan: God of Pro-Wrestling
Birth: 1924/08/03 in Hamburg, Germany
Debut: 1955
Death: 2007/07/28 in Tampa, Florida
First Match in Japan: 45min time limit draw against Michiaki Yoshimura on 1961/05/01 in Tokyo
Last Match: Defeats Yoshiaki Fujiwara on 1982/01/01 in Tokyo
Hall of Fame

Many people in Japan consider Karl Gotch as the God of Pro-Wrestling. After being trained at the famous "Snake Pit" Billy Riley Gym in England, he won a number of big tournaments in Europe. In 1959, he moved to the United States where he was not treated well as a talent since he was simply a "shooter". In 1962, he is said to have attacked then NWA World Heavyweight champion Buddy Rogers, who had been "running away and refusing the title shot from Gotch", in a dressing room in Ohio. This uncrowned champion of pro-wrestling is also known as a great coach for training many Japanese stars such as Antonio Inoki, Hiro Matsuda, Tatsumi Fujinami, Osamu Kido, Yoshiaki Fujiwara, Satoru Sayama (the legendary Tiger Mask), Masanobu Fuchi, Akira Maeda, and many others.


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