Shawn Michaels
(b. 1965)

Shawn Michaels
Real Name: Michael Shawn Hickenbottom
Nick Name: Heartbreak Kid
Birth: 1965/07/22 in Chandler, Arizona
Debut: vs. Art Cruise on 1984/09/08 in Lake Charles, Louisiana
First match in Japan: 1991/01
Hall of Fame Inductions:

   Michaels was trained by Jose Lothario, a local hero in San Antonio and spent his early years for Southwest Championship Wrestling, mainly teaming with Paul Diamond. He later went to the Central States where he teamed with a longtime partner Marty Janetty. Midnight Rockers then moved to AWA and won the world tag team title, and in '88, they jumped to WWF as "The Rockers." The team broke up few years later, and since then, Michaels has become one of the most popular figures of the federation.

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