(1924 - 1963)


Real Name: Kim Sil-lak
Japanese Name: Mitsuhiro Momota
Birth: 1924/11/14 in South Hamgyong, (North) Korea
Because the Koreans were discriminated against in Japan, his real identity was kept secret for many years even after his death. It was believed by many that he was born Mitsuhiro Momota in Ohmura, Nagasaki, Japan.
Debut: 1951/10/28 Tokyo
10min time limit draw against Bobby Bruns on
Last Match: 1963/12/07 Hamamatsu
60min time limit draw againt The Destroyer, Killer Buddy Austin, & Ilio DiPaolo, teaming with Great Togo & Michiaki Yoshimura
Death: 1963/12/15 Tokyo, Japan
Organizations: JWA (53-63; founder)
  • The 1st Annual World League (1959 JWA)
  • The 2nd Annual World League (1960 JWA)
  • The 3rd Annual World League (1961 JWA)
  • The 4th Annual World League (1962 JWA)
  • The 5th Annual World League (1963 JWA)

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Rikidōzan is the father of puroresu. He established the puroresu as a popular professional sport in Japan less than a decade after Japan lost the World War II. Continuously defeating Americans with his famous karate chop, he was a hero for the Japanese people who were still depressed from the war. Many of his students became big stars in the sport, including Shohei "Giant" Baba and Antonio Inoki, who are two of the greatest wrestlers in the history of puroresu, and Kintaro Ohki (Kim Il), who was also a superstar in his home country South Korea.

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