"Legion of Doom"
The Road Warriors

The Road Warriors

Debut: 1983
First Match in Japan: 1985/03
Hall of Fame Inductions:

Animal (right)  
Real Name: Joe Laurinaitis
Birth: 1961/01/26 in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Debut: 1982/11

Hawk (left)  
Real Name: Michael Hegstrand
Birth: 1958/09/12 in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Debut: 1983/06/06
Death: 2003/10/19 in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida

   This tag team, also known as Legion of Doom, is one of the greatest teams in the history of the sport. They were both trained by Eddie Sharkey and managed by "Precious" Paul Ellering. This is the only team ever to hold the world titles of the Big 3: NWA, AWA, and WWF as well as the prestigeous NWA International Title in Japan.

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