"Fireball Kid"
Michiaki Yoshimura
(1926 - 2003)


Nickname: Hinotama Kozou (Fireball Kid)
Birth: 1926/09/19 in Gifu
Death: 2003/02/15
Debut: 1954/04
Organizations: All Japan/Yamaguchi Dojo (54/04 - 57/03)
Last Match: 1973/03/03 in Osaka, defeating Ruben Juarez

His pro-wrestling debut was from All Japan Pro-Wrestling Association (not to be confused with Giant Baba's All Japan Pro-Wrestling) in 1954. Soon after winning Japanese Junior Heavyweight title in 1957, he was scouted by JWA where he became the greatest side-player in the puroresu history. After the death of Rikidozan, he became one of the four directors to carry on the JWA. He won the All-Asia tag team title ten times with six different partners including Toyonobori, Antonio Inoki, Kintaro Ohki, etc. as well as NWA International Tag Team title with Giant Baba.

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